Sunday, June 14, 2009

In The Dark

In the dark no one cares
Everyone sees the pain, but will not stop to stare

In the dark where shadows lurk
Unseen visions of destruction and hurt

In the dark Hells flame burns hot
Lost sinners tame and God's angels forgot

In the dark you become lost & confused
Just another soul for Satan to use

In the dark torched spirits become one
Under direct control of God's forgotten son

In the dark you know you have failed
So welcome home sinner

Welcome to Hell.

Robert Flowers

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Souljah's Prayer

Heavenly Father please hear me tonight
I need so much guidance to live my life right
Sometimes the pressures to hard to bare
I often wonder if anyone cares

How can I wake up to face a new day
Knowing I lived my life in this way
Lord forgive me, for all my sins
I'd love to change, where do I begin

Father, give me strength to resist desires
Help me escape the nightly gunfire
Lord bless my mother, who cries every night
Afraid I'll be killed in another street fight

God bless my family, who silently pleads
For me to get out, as they all watch me leave
Heavenly Father, please answer my prayers
Let me know you hear me up there

When will it end?
What is it for?
To prove to my niggas, I'm down
I'm hardcore

Sometimes I wonder
Just how I will die
I stray bullets
Or knife in my side

Heavenly Father, please hear me tonight
Give me the strength to handle my strife's
Lord give me the courage to live my life right

"The Street Poet"
James H.

My Discovery

People see me as they do
as in my discovery
I didn't know I was so evil

People see me as they do
as in my discovery
it made me ashamed to cry

but i cried, and cried....and still cry

Cry out to above and below
to settle things in the middle

People see me as they do
as in the beginning
cover also cover ends

People see me as they do
as in my discovery
I found out, I loved myself more than I realized

People see me as they do
as in my discovery
I found here friends

People see me as they do
through their inner spectacle
fuzzy, magnified, even small

Their words and body language
reflect what is true or not
in the mind of a person with dementia
through a fun house mirror

Further hazing the perception of their reflection......

Christine Mary Z.


I wanted so much to love. I wanted so much to be loved...., but no one saw me. No one looked deep enough to see what lies behind the boundary every soul places between themselves and the world.
I wanted so much to repair what has been stolen. Taken away without recourse. Left in the darkness never to be seen, never to be counted. Maybe it is just the purpose of life to hold nothing. I certainly will have met the criteria, never to hold the souls which God used to bitch new nothingness of a day.
Love has been wounded and slain. Who needs to look deeper into the abyss than this, who would want to? Never again to touch the face of a rose or to know its' beauty, only left the scars of darkness.
Which day shall the sun rise upon the heart, forgotten each day known only the fallen.
Left is only the survived pieces of a soul broken onto the plethora of the lost. Damned would be the heart that would show this. God would only dance with the soul that could want so much.

Lena L.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lena's Life

So you want to see the cloud on my page
So you want to see my sorrow and rage
Born 3 of 4 and the only one named
By a father who left my soul in rain
Abandon did he, my whole dark world
Innocence stolen when I was a girl
Long lost child, tossed to the wind
Fed to the wild, her faith begins
The cool age of 6, sucked that dick hard
Never to fix those eternal scars
It is never pleasant, it is never kind
It is forever present, stuck in the mind
Born in the beginning, of the slaughter of man
No one is winning, no one can
Born in the year of sixty-five
Keep your head low, just try to survive
My children have turned two out of three
Like full grown pit bulls deliberately
Mothers' tears how silent they fall
Naked and bear, she learns how to crawl
Weeping am I for generations of men
Weeping am I for all that has been
Mother sweet mother, just what have you seen
For God has ordained pain its' own queen
Praying to fate, that it will all end
You'll see my cloud upon you descend
I'm the survivor on which you now gaze
I'm the survivor, the cloud on this page
Through words I've acquired, shield and song
Through words I've desired, right over wrong
Now you stand, eyes blind as can be
asking, no thinking, you can judge me
Tell me the verdict of what you conclude
Tell me, please tell me, did you think all things through
Will it make a difference to who you are
Will it make a difference, or just add a scar
Tell me what your outcome will be
Tell me, please tell me,.....
Is it your turn to see

Lena L.