Sunday, June 14, 2009

In The Dark

In the dark no one cares
Everyone sees the pain, but will not stop to stare

In the dark where shadows lurk
Unseen visions of destruction and hurt

In the dark Hells flame burns hot
Lost sinners tame and God's angels forgot

In the dark you become lost & confused
Just another soul for Satan to use

In the dark torched spirits become one
Under direct control of God's forgotten son

In the dark you know you have failed
So welcome home sinner

Welcome to Hell.

Robert Flowers


  1. This gave me chills. The rhythm was hypnotic and the imagery of being in the dark had so many meanings.

    My favourite line was: "In the dark torched spirits become one". Powerful stuff.


  2. Wow, I read them all b/c they fascinate me - until your header & footer confirmed my thoughts that inmates wrote them. I wish you'd do more with them - publish a book? Send off to local media? Any funds made off of their poems could go back to charity/programs, etc. I just stumbled across your blog so I am not sure what you have or have not done with them. Please let me know! Cheers, Julie

  3. Julie,...thank you so much. I really need to post an update of where this blog has ended up. Not exactly how I wanted, but maybe there is a purpose behind it all.
    I'll update this soon!

  4. and now it's going on 2 years without a post